Channel Lock Pliers

The pliers are always ready – right beside the hammer inside the door pouch of the truck. We’ve had this pair for … decades. Our tool manifesto is: right tool for the right job. Don’t buy cheap. One tool for life.

We use the pliers to tighten the valve of the water hose to the spicket, open stubborn campground sewer caps and to relieve pressure on tight containers. Nothing like a good set of pliers when you need one.


  • Right angle, laser heat-treated teeth grip better and last longer
  • Undercut tongue & groove design won’t slip
  • PERMALOCK fastener eliminates nut and bolt failure
  • Patented reinforcing edge minimizes stress breakage
  • CHANNELLOCK uses high-carbon steel for superior performance on the job and specially coated for ultimate rust prevention
  • CHANNELLOCK BLUE grips for comfort
  • Made in USA