Coffee Canister

Originally, we just kept our Ruta Maya coffee beans in the original package.

But we realized there was a product that would do a better job of keeping the beans fresh.

We like this one because it almost holds our entire 2.2 pounds of coffee. We do have to brew a few pots so that all the beans fit in the canister.We have had this canister since August 2021 and still love it.

Here is how we make fantastic coffee in our Airstream.



  • ✔️ Extra Large 38OZ
  • ✔️ FRESH COFFEE FOR LONGER Coffee Storage Canister Airtight Comes with an extra scoop designed to hold exactly the amount of ground coffee you need for two delicious cups of strong espresso.
  • ✔️ NO COMPROMISE ON QUALITY CafetasiQ uses REAL, top grade STAINLESS STEEL to manufacture. Forget about Stale Coffee with our Coffee Bean Container designed with sealing and release valve that guarantees the same taste day after day
  • ✔️ DESIGNED TO LOOK GOOD ON YOUR KITCHEN COUNTER Stainless Steel Canister built to last – we take our promise to help you enjoy good coffee for longer seriously, so we built a canister that will last as long as your love for coffee
  • ✔️ SAFE FOR STORING ALL TYPES OF FOOD – the CafetastiQ coffee bean container can also be used for storing dry food, tea or sugar. But it’s no secret it’s a shame not to use it for keeping your ground or bean coffee as aromatic as day one
  • ✔️ We want you to know YOU CAN COUNT ON US. We design our products for coffee lovers, just like us, so we’re always happy to help make sure you have the best experience. You can always contact us with any question or concern!

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