Ruta Maya Organic Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee

We brew decaffeinated coffee daily, but travel days demand something more.

That’s life, right? Gotta make some trade-offs, pick your poison. Let’s face it, caffeine is a drug, and should be used responsibly.

So, first thing on moving day, Jim grinds up a one-to-four blend of Ruta Maya Organic Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee and Ruta Maya Decaf.

Oh, yeah, Baby! A bit of high-octane shakes off the drudge of travel-day details and makes hitting the road a real pleasure. And, best of all, that lil’ smidgen of Black Death keeps us frosty and alert.

Here is how we brew coffee in our Airstream.



  • Rich, distinctive and aromatic roast
  • Smooth flavor with hardly a trace of the bitterness often found in dark roasts
  • USDA organic 100 percent Arabica beans shade grown and hand picked
  • Packaged in foil-lined resealable paper bag