Corn Hole Game – Portable

Hold my beer.

Nothing like a game of Corn Hole at Happy Hour to unwind after a busy day.

Before the pandemic, we went to breweries to play Corn Hole.

Traditional Corn Hole – the big wooden contraptions – are way too bulky to store in our rig. For years we searched, unsuccessfully, for a collapsible wood, plastic or fibre board Corn Hole that would be compact, lightweight and easy to set up. We had seen this particular game on Amazon, but playing Corn Hole on fabric sounded … lame. And the product was a bit pricey to risk the expense without seeing it in action first.

But we were getting desperate – and, with such a positive stream of rave reviews on Amazon we bit the bullet for Christmas 2020. Dad – a horseshoe champ until he broke his shoulder – joined us for the first game. What a great game for all ages and abilities – Fun and light exercise.

We should have ordered this game years ago! The materials and construction are much sturdier than photos depict. After playing a couple of rounds, we were hooked.

Now, we play Corn Hole whenever we want. Outside, mostly.

But a lot can be said about a good game of INSIDE Corn Hole on a rainy day – add Pico as goalie.

Chihuahua goalie in action

Now – at least until the pandemic is over – when we’re hankering for a game of Corn Hole, we have a new tradition. While I set the game up Jim grabs the growler and goes on a beer run. He’ll need that brew to help him cope with the score because I’m seriously good.




  • [INNOVATION DESIGN] Exclusive innovative design, this Bean Bag Game can be assembled and stored away very quickly and easily. Perfect for travel and uses less storage space than a hatbox.
  • [LIGHT WEIGHT AND PORTABLE] With a weight of 2 kg and a length of 11″ x 11″ x 4″ after folding, this Corn Hole Game is the most portable and lightweight Corn Hole Game in the world.
  • Perfect for indoors and comes with equipment to fasten to the ground when played outdoors. 
  • [STRONG AND DURABLE] Made by the high elastic flat wire, which can be folded for more than 1000 times. The 300D poly anti-skid, tear resistant fabric provides great surface tension to play the game effectively.
  • [MOST COST-EFFECTIVE] Includes two 3′ x 2′ Cornhole Boards(Non-match size), eight CornHole Bags, carrying case with handles, stakes and Corn Hole Game Guide.
  • [EXTENSIBLE WARRANTY] Join Himal Care to extend your Bean Toss Game warranty for FREE.