Disposable Rain Ponchos with Hood

When we went on cycling trips we always traveled with a set of thin plastic disposable ponchos for rain protection. And, every single time, they served to keep us dry during an unexpected downpour.

These ponchos are kind of a single use item, made of thin plastic material. Once the bag is opened they will probably never get back in there.

So far, in our LIB life, we’ve never needed these ponchos – but if we ever do need rain protection while we are out on the road, we will be grateful that we thought to pack them – even if it was just for old times sake.



  • 💰 STOP WASTING MONEY ON CHEAP, FLIMSY DISPOSABLE RAIN PONCHOS – The Hagon PRO 5 Pack DISPOSABLE RAIN PONCHO is the PERFECT CHOICE as it is made from 0.035 mm thick PE plastic that is the THICKEST you will ever find that also fits in your pocket.
  • 👍 Carry it in your POCKET, PURSE, BACKPACK or WALLET, and you will thank us when it comes in handy in those emergency situations when the rain or snow starts out of nowhere.
  • ☔ ENJOY YOUR ADVENTURES WITHOUT WORRYING THAT IT WILL START TO RAIN – our heavy-duty rain ponchos are great when you pack light and you don’t want to carry around an umbrella or heavy, space-consuming raincoat. Ideal for Disneyland, concerts, hiking, fishing, sporting events or any great outdoor activity that you love.
  • ♻ PROTECT YOURSELF FROM NATURE WITHOUT HARMING IT – made from the THICKEST PE material, the 100% WATERPROOF Rain Poncho will keep you dry and enjoying all your outdoor activities.
  • ⛰ Our LIGHTWEIGHT PONCHO will fit almost anyone and is one of the largest raincoats available. It even fits over a backpack, and its unique design will keep you cool during those hot days, eliminating the sauna effect.