Dahon Folding Bike

We found our six-year-old pre-owned Dahon Boardwalk 6-speed folding bikes on Craig’s List in Tennessee. We’ve been riding them for almost four years.

This Dahon Folding Bike, like ours (it’s predecessor) folds in about a minute, is lightweight (under 30 pounds) and stores easily in the back seat storage area of our 2014 Ram pickup truck. In the past, we’ve had pricy hybrid touring bikes – but these bikes are not about that. The Dahons are for accessing places we can’t reach or don’t want to navigate the truck, such as short trips to the grocery store, pleasure rides and field trips.

We love our Dahon bikes because they’re sturdy, lightweight, store inside out of the weather, and almost any bike shop in the US and Canada can maintenance them. We didn’t get these bikes because they’re awesome, but even kids tell us they’re awesome.

Maybe that’s because we outfitted ours with extra tough Ringworm tires that plow over rocks, chunky gravel, roots and sand like a corn-fed mule. Even with all of the custom upgrades – seats and handlebar extensions, the Dahon is still less expensive than competing brands.

Rail trails, campground roads, bike trails … Everyday is a good day on a bike … makes you feel like a kid on the first day of summer. Nothing but good times ahead.



An absolute looker, a summer cruiser with its fresh colors and classic tubular frame, the Boardwalk D7 is indisputably one of the DAHON all-time best sellers.

This delightful folder has classic style and comfortable features for riding on both roads and the promenade.

Weighs 29 pounds.

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