Orange Goop Waterless Hand Cleaner With Natural Citrus Power

Jim loves this stuff to clean his hands off after a dirty greasy day. It’s a waterless hand cleaner with a soft abrasive that “scrubs” off the grime after a messy job. Me? I just use water. But to each his own.

Jim: “This stuff works great!”


  • Orange GOOP liquid gel is a ‘waterless’ hand cleaner that gets hands ‘dinner table clean’ quickly, with the power of Orange.
  • Uses all natural citrus cleaners to remove the toughest of soils, with no harsh chemicals or solvents, and is infused with natural humectants to keep your hands soft
  • Available in multiple sizes, with fine pumice scrubbers to help remove those extra tough stains, or without pumice to soothe sensitive hands.
  • Orange Goop liquid gel is a waterless, no pumice hand cleaner that gets hands dinner table clean quickly, with the power of orange.