Heat Surge Mini-Glo Space Heater

Is it getting colder or are we getting older? or both? We needed more heat. So we asked Vinnie Lamica of Vinnie’s Northbay Airstream Repair for some recommendations.

Vinnie likes the Mini-Glo because it has a high safety rating and utilizes new technology to heat more while using less power.

We’ve been enjoying this heater since December 2020 (the older version to this model) and we can’t say enough about it. When’s the last time you heard someone rave about their space heater? Leave the party early because they have a date with their electric heating unit? We are SO satisfied with how much heat comes out of this adorable little heater. The wood construction which frames the unit is absolutely gorgeous and it is offered in different stain options. The top, sides and bottom of the unit are safe to touch even if it has been operating all day.

Pico thinks this is his personal heater because it’s about his size – a very small unit but enough to keep our 30′ warm (without the furnace) on a moderately cool night.

It’s a wonder to come home on a chilly evening, light up the Mini Glo, pour a bourbon, put up our feet and listen to music or an audio book … Glorious!

Our only complaint is that this thing is too cute. We are not into kitsch, glamp and cutsie-pie. Our thing is simplicity, efficiency, utility … But this heater works so well we don’t care that it’s adorable. Truth is, we’re kind of smitten. We’re looking forward to having this heater in Alaska. I might even shop for a tiny faux pelt to display in front of the Mini Glo – something soft for Pico to stretch out on.

All we can say is that this is a great heater. Its function is fierce, it’s safe around children and pets, makes very little noise and it makes us happy.

Top notch product.


The brand-new Multi-Color Mini Glo Widescreen Fireplace Heater, can save you money on your heating bill and keep you warm all winter long for just pennies a day.

This beautiful Fireplace is the first of its kind that allows you to change the color of the flame in 9 variations, including red, green, blue, and purple!! I

t will enhance the look of your home and features a Hi-Definition touchscreen, a digital thermostat, a 9-level timer, and remote control.

It weighs only 12 pounds so you can move it from room to room, and is safe to use around kids and pets.

The Multi-Color Mini Glo Widescreen Fireplace Heater also comes with FREE shipping, FREE remote control, and a 1-year Warranty

  • Hybrid-Thermic Heat Technology exclusively by Heat Surge.
  • An internal mini-furnace generates a revolutionary Hybrid-Thermic heat that safely warms both you and the air around you.
  • It knocks out heat bills through its remarkably small, but mighty micro-furnace and heat exchanger that heats any room floor to ceiling, head to toe even when the home thermostat is turned way down.
  • The most realistic flame yet with Fireless Flame technology powered by energy saving and maintenance free LED lights.
  • No smoke, no fumes, no vent and no mess.
  • Truly customizable digital thermostat that allows for precise temperature setting, down to the degree. Real time room temperature display.
  • Full cover Cool Touch vent technology keeps the fireplace cool to the touch. The air is hot, the fireplace is not.
  • MICRO-ALLERGEN PURIFIER – The fan-only mode that powers the Micro-Allergen Air Purifier that instantly cleans and purifies the air.
  • Real furniture grade wood veneer mantle
  • Safe to operate 6-foot cord with grounded 3-prong plug.
  • Optionally fully functional remote control with included batteries
  • Each unit comes fully assembled. All you have to do is plug it in.
  • 9.4“ high, 13.25“ wide, and 6.5“ deep


Heat Surge Hybrid-Thermic heat technology safely heats a room faster and more effectively than typical space heaters. That’s because it uses the same kind of heat energy as the sun, the far infrared rays of the light spectrum. Though invisible, this heat energy can be felt every day when standing in the sunshine. This new advanced heating system warms more than just the air, it heats objects like furniture, walls and people for a warm and comfortable home.

Heat Surge Technology

The Heat Surge miracle heater is a work of engineering genius from the China coast, so advanced you simply plug it into any standard wall outlet. It uses about as much energy per hour to run as most coffee makers.

Yet, it produces an amazing 4606 BTU’s on the high setting. An on-board Powerful hi-tech heat turbine silently forces hot air out into the room so you feel the bone soothing heat instantly. It even has certification of Underwriters Laboratories coveted UL listing.

Plus, the efficiency of the heating unit is now enhanced with an advanced new digital thermostat control that maintains better room temperature over time and keeps you comfortable by only using the advanced heating elements when they are needed. This saves you even more on your energy bills.

These miracle fireplaces have what’s being called the “Fireless Flame” technology that gives you the peaceful flicker of a real fire but without any flames, fumes, smells, ashes or mess.