Audubon Hummingbird Feeder

Sitting outside photographing hummers is a genuine pleasure and this feeder is the perfect way to attract them.

Endorsed by the Audubon Society, this feeder is easy to clean, weighs almost nothing and holds a full 3-days of nectar.  We don’t put red color in the juice to attract hummers. The red color of the feeder hanging in a tree or on a bush or on our awning is enough to keep ’em coming.

It’s easy to pop off the artificial plastic flowers and clean the dark spots out with Q-tips. Remember to only use plain cane sugar – never honey, unbleached or brown sugar – only plain white sugar is healthy for feeding hummers.

Always follow the Audubon guide to feeding hummingbirds.




  • Audubon Plastic Hummingbird feeder holds 16 oz. of nectar
  • No drip design, snap apart base is easy to fill and clean
  • Two bright red feeding stations
  • Sturdy plastic strap for hanging
  • Made in USA