InReach Mini Satellite Communicator

What do two old folks need with a satellite communicator?


We hike a lot in National Parks where there is no cell service. While we have never gotten permanently lost or been bitten by a snake, we have come across a rattle snake on the trail and spent hours trying to find our way back to a path.

Shenandoah National Park

This photo is of the Timber Rattlesnake we encountered on the hike hours from anywhere in Shenandoah National Park that made us realize we needed this InReach communicator.

If we are ever hiking in a location without cell service and we do get bite by a snake, break a leg, or find ourselves totally lost, this satellite will send a SOS to the authorities and allow us to explain our situation and the best course of action to help solve our problem.

It also allows us to send text messages to love ones to let them know we are fine while out of phone coverage.

PLUS… if we break down on the road where there is no cell service, this little device will call for help and road side assistance.

We pay the annual fee of $143 for the peace of mind of knowing we can always reach help, no matter where we are.


  • Small, rugged, lightweight satellite communicator enables 2 way text messaging using the 100 percentage global Iridium network (satellite subscription required)
  • Trigger an interactive SOS to the 24/7 search and rescue monitoring center (satellite subscription required). Display size-0.9 x 0.9 inch
  • Access downloadable maps, U.S. NOAA charts, color aerial imagery and more by using the free Garmin Earthmate app and compatible devices
  • Optional inReach weather forecast service provides detailed updates directly to your inReach Mini or paired device, basic and premium weather packages available
  • Send and receive inReach messages through compatible Garmin devices, including connected wearables and handhelds. Display resolution: 128 x 128 pixels
  • NOTICE: Some jurisdictions regulate or prohibit the use of satellite communications devices. It is the responsibility of the user to know and follow all applicable laws in the jurisdictions where the device is intended to be used