Living the Dream for Full-Time RVers

James Erch and his wife share seven years of knowledge from traveling and living full-time in their RV.

They don’t sugarcoat this lifestyle, but share the ups and downs, excitement and challenges of living in a Motorhome.

The color photos are what make this book such a delight, so the paperback version offers so much more than the Kindle version, unless of course you are using your computer’s Kindle Application or a Kindle Fire.

It’s a fun and very informative read for anyone considering traveling full-time in a RV.

Even though we have been traveling full-time since July 2016, we still learned some lessons from reading this book.



The focus of this book is to depict the travels and adventures my wife and I have shared as full-time RVers for the past seven years, along with the pros and cons of owning and living in a motorhome year-round. I have shared my feelings, tips, experiences, and advice, including interesting places to visit and personal recommendations of our favorite RV parks.

This unique book is backed up by an array of original photos highlighting places, events, national parks, and RV resorts. If you are ready for this lifestyle, it gives an account of selling your home, buying the right motorhome, where to register it, and everything needed to get on the road. It gives you an idea of how to set up a budget, save on discounts and even earn money while on this full-time adventure.

This is more than a “How to Book”. It is the real-life experiences my wife and I have shared in this mobile living as full-time RVers. The book is written for both beginners who want to know what this RV life is all about and for experts who are looking for more adventure along the way.

I always said that RV life is not for everyone, but for those who want the excitement and independence of living free on the open road, this book is for you. I hope that after reading it you will find it useful in your quest for a carefree RV life.