OBD2 Scanner/Code Reader – Scan Tool for Check Engine Light


We picked one of these up to check on a constantly lighting up ‘Check Engine’ light, while we tried to find a dealer who could address the problem. It was able to tell us what the problem was and then we could look up whether it was urgent.

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  • TROUBLESHOOT: OBD-II Code Read & Troubleshoot most vehicles in the USA that have been manufactured since 1996 and newer.
  • DO IT YOURSELF: Utilizing universal diagnostic trouble codes you can fix simple problems yourself.
  • LCD SCREEN: Displays the meaning of over 3000 generic error code definitions in the database.
  • READ & CLEAR: This device will both read and clear generic and manufacturer codes.
  • It also turns off the MIL check engine light.
  • EVERYTHING INCLUDED: No additional cables required.