OBD2 Scanner/Code Reader – Scan Tool for Check Engine Light

Why does  the ‘Check Engine’ only light up when you’re in a remote area with no services within hundreds of miles?

So, we pulled over and bought one of these gizmos. Using codes, it informed us of the problem so we could research the details more specifically and determine the level of urgency.

Great tool.


  • TROUBLESHOOT: OBD-II Code Read & Troubleshoot most vehicles in the USA that have been manufactured since 1996 and newer.
  • DO IT YOURSELF: Utilizing universal diagnostic trouble codes you can fix simple problems yourself.
  • LCD SCREEN: Displays the meaning of over 3000 generic error code definitions in the database.
  • READ & CLEAR: This device will both read and clear generic and manufacturer codes.
  • It also turns off the MIL check engine light.
  • EVERYTHING INCLUDED: No additional cables required.