This Land is Your Land: Free Camping in the United States

On our trip to Alaska in 2022, we met Susie and Scott, the authors and editors of this book.

We have yet to finish the book, but what we have read so far is valuable to us and to anyone who wants to go camping in the ‘out there’ instead of a traditional campground.

When we finish the book, we will come back here and update our comments, but so far this a now an important part of our Kindle library.



If you’ve ever dreamed about living full time in an RV in the United States, this book will help to make that dream a reality.

The author and her husband have traveled the US learning how to find free camping opportunities and want to share this information with you.

This book will take you from an occasional overnight in a Walmart to a 2 week stay next to beautiful lake in Utah.

It will help you to learn how to save hundreds of dollars a month on camping fees, while you enjoy the stunning natural beauty of this amazing country.