Valterra 10-Foot ‘Sewer Solution’ Kit

While we do not currently use this product, many folks have told us they love it, so we list it here.

It uses a different technique to pulverize the contents of the black water tank and send the waste down a much smaller hose than the traditional 3″ sewer hose.

Unfortunately, it requires a water source to work, and of the 200 times we have emptied our black water tank, many times we did not have a water source available. So if you use it, you still need the traditional 3″ sewer hose for those times when water is not nearby.

Someday we might try it.

If you use it and like it, please let us know your feedback.



  • RV SEWER WASTE DRAINING SYSTEM: 3-in-1 waste draining system pulverizes, pumps, and cleans for a quick dump process
  • PULVERIZES: Water-powered high velocity jet nozzle uses shear force to pulverize waste and toilet tissue for easy draining. No electricity needed!
  • PUMPS: Strong enough to pump waste up to 100 feet or 3 feet uphill for draining convenience
  • SELF CLEANING: Swivel jet cleans the whole system after dumping to prevent odor
  • DURABLE QUALITY: Includes 10’ of 3/4” smooth interior and non-kinking drain hose. Easy to store in compact 14” spool