Clearsource Premium RV Water Filter System

The clutter and waste of bottled water weighs heavy on the full-time lifestyle travel. We gave up the heavy lifting, expense and waste expensive of commercial water.

Now, we filter our own water. It only costs about 70¢ per day to treat our 59-gallon tank, and we filter a lot of water – much more than the average camper.

Our drinking water is as clean as any purified water on the market. We don’t take any chances with water safety.

We filter every water source we encounter, no matter how clean and reliable it seems to be or claims to be. As we fill the fresh water tank, every drop goes through the Clearsource, the best portable RV system to filter from an outdoor potable water source.

Clearsource is a double-filter system. Every drop runs through a two part process to eliminate sediment, bacteria, toxins, pathogens and contaminants. Using the replacement filters as necessary, Clearsource water is perfectly sanitary and safe to drink and use for cooking, teeth brushing, gargling, laundry and showering.

Clearsource alone is probably all we need. But for peace of mind and to enjoy the highest quality drinking water possible – even better than most commercially bottled water – we filter again at the kitchen sink with The Seagull Water Purifier.



  • NEW! INDUSTRY-LEADING 0.2 MICRON PROTECTION. Our two-stage filter now features 0.2-micron protection – better than all other in-line, single or dual canister RV water filter system on the market.
  • CLEANER, SAFER WATER THAN OTHER SYSTEMS. Tighter filter pores trap more contaminants. We lead the industry in the size and quality of our filters. Our 5-micron first stage coconut shell carbon block improves taste and removes or reduces sediment, chlorine, VOCs, and other contaminants. Our hospital-grade, absolute-rated 0.2-micron filter removes or reduces bacteria like Legionella and E. Coli, and cysts like Giardia. Compare filter sizes and ratings – nothing beats a Clearsource.
  • BULLET-PROOF CONSTRUCTION. We engineered our original Clearsource system from the ground up just for the RVer. We invented its powder-coated standalone chassis – an idea that changed the industry. We use oversize canisters for maximum water flow. And we use only stainless steel fittings for durable, sanitary plumbing.
  • CLEARSOURCE QUALITY. Nothing beats a Clearsource. See us in TrailerLife Magazine’s 2018 “Essential Equipment For RV Camping” Gear Guide, and in the January, 2019 edition of MotorHome Magazine (“Impressive.” “Makes RV water filtering an art form.”)

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