Seagull IV X-1F Drinking Water Purifier

If you don’t have a clean water plan, you really don’t have a full-time travel plan. We’ve owned this Seagull IV X-1F Drinking Water Filter for 25 years.

A popular and highly reputable water filter for marine use, The Seagull provides fresh, crystal clear, great tasting water from any potable water source. In four years on the road we have never had a water-borne illness.

Perfect for a small space, the Seagull water purifier is less than half the size of other leading water purifiers and does, at least, twice the job. Installed in a back corner of the cabinet beneath our kitchen sink, the Seagull requires so little space it is almost invisible to us. We never even think about our water purifier until once our calendar alerts us, once a year, that it’s time to change the filter.

The Seagull insures that our drinking and cooking water is better than safe. Yes, the Seagull is expensive, but considering that we never buy bottled water, ever … in the long run, the Seagull is both eco-friendly and, economical. Regardless of whether we are in the Canadian Rockies, Florida, South Dakota, The Mojave Desert, or San Diego our water always looks, smells and tastes exactly the same.

In the last few years we’ve encountered several places where the water is unpalatable. While camping in Salem, a toxic bloom alert was enforced and bottled water was impossible to find. Lucky for us we had a full tank of filtered water on board.

It’s a fact of modern life that filtering drinking water from city taps is a wise decision, if not a necessary one. Harmful bacteria, fungus, parasites and chemicals are often found in city water throughout the Americas. The Seagull takes care of sketchy local water concerns. If you simply want to enjoy your travels without exercising suspicion about every water source, the Seagull is essential RV equipment  .

“We finally put away the Berkey Filter and added the Seagull IV. Love it! I have reclaimed so much real estate on my countertop. We appreciate the recommendation for the Seagull.”
                – Steve and Sue Weir Jones

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  • Compact, 300 series stainless steel housing encases proprietary Structured Matrix technology
  • Requires NO chemicals, large storage tanks, hold-time or double-processing
  • Economical operating costs at only pennies per gallon
  • Offers great tasting water for drinks, ice-cubes, beverage and food preparation
  • Independently certified to meet EPA Microbiological Guide Standards for removal of bacteria, cysts and virus, Seagull IV water purifiers remove bad taste and more for great tasting, refreshing water.
  • Seagull IV purifiers excel at removing chemical and aesthetic contaminants too.
  • Tried and Trusted, General Ecology celebrates its 30th anniversary as a leader in chemical-free water purification with distributors in 40 countries. Sophisticated users world-wide rely on General Ecology systems for safer, healthier water.
  • Instant, convenient, and reliable, Seagull IV systems work without wasted-water, hold-tanks, chemicals or electricity. Seagull IV water purifiers high capacity and fast flow rate make it ideal for cooking, drinks, ice-cubes, food and beverage preparation.
  • Point-of-use enables economical purification of prime use water. Operating costs at only pennies per gallon make Seagull IV purified water easier, more economical than bottled water.
  • Tech Specs: Self-indicating cartridge replacement. Avg. 1000 gal. capacity. Avg. 1 gpm flow rate. Operating pressure: 25-125 psi. Temp. Range: 33-145F. (Pump models also available.) Easy installation at point-of-use (DIY), Compact stainless steel housing approx. 5 inches/ height x 5 inches/diameter.
  • Lead-free chromed faucet is top mounting with life-time ceramic valving. (Contact General Ecology, Inc. for non-faucet model or additional faucet types.) Installation tubing, mounting bracket and initial purification cartridge included

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