Seagull IV® X-1 Replacement Cartridge

We have owned the same Seagull water filtering system for 25 years. Every year, according to the calendar, we replace our Seagull IV water filter. As a result of that discipline, our water always looks, smells and tastes exactly the same – regardless of whether we are in the Canadian Rockies, Florida, South Dakota, The Mojave Desert, or San Diego.

Filtering our own household drinking water from city taps is a wise decision. Harmful bacteria, fungus, parasites and chemicals are found in city water throughout the Americas. The Seagull takes care of local sketchy water concerns.

We always keep a spare filter on board, just in case. We have been to several places where the water is undrinkable without filtering through the Seagull. While camping in Salem there was a toxic bloom alert and bottled water was impossible to find. Lucky for us we had a full tank of filtered water on board. If you just want to enjoy your travels without having to exercise suspicion about every water source, The Seagull is essential.

The Seagull – a popular and highly reputable water filter for marine use – provides fresh, crystal clear, good tasting water from all potable water sources. In four years on the road we have never had a water-borne illness.



  • Removes Bad Taste and More: chemical, aesthetic and microbiological contaminants
  • High Capacity, fast flow chemical-free water purification with Structured Matrix technology
  • Self-indicating Cartridge Replacement – average lifespan 1000 gallons per cartridge
  • Easy to install and replace cartridge – do it yourself
  • Offers great tasting, safer water for drinks, ice-cubes, beverage and food preparation

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