Valterra Blaster Tank Wand

Ah, yes. The Valterra Treatment is one of those extra-mile things we do for black tank maintenance.

Read the following at your own risk.

On occasion – usually after a couple of months of dry-camping Jim does this cute little thing.

First, he turns off the overhead fans. That’s the cue that things are gonna get real.

Then, he attaches the Valterra Blaster Wand to an outdoor hose.

Then he brings the hose inside the trailer and sticks it down the toilet into the empty black water tank.

Now, here’s where I come in.

When he goes outside to open the black water tank valve, I pack the dry toilet around the blaster hose with old rags like that Beach Boys t-shirt of Jim’s, and then I stuff a couple of old dish rags around that, nice and tight.

There’s no one more deadly serious and prepared for battle than a Valterra man armed in silicone gloves, towering over the toilet as he peers behind a garbage can lid inspecting everything and prepared for anything. It is the moment of truth.

Outside, I hunker beside the tap awaiting my cue.

The show begins when I hear, “TURN IT ON! Then, for several minutes, with the black tank valve open, this fabulous blaster blasts the holy blazin’ heck out of the freakin’ black water tank with high pressure water, making an insane racket as it dislodges any and all remnants of our former lives and sends each and every particle of whatever down the drain like it never happened.

It’s really, really good therapy. Highly recommended.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To finish the job, just walk backwards through this description, Jim yells, TURN IT OFF!


My work here is done.

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  • Tank wand cleans your RV’s black-water tank and keeps sensors working properly
  • Nozzle sprays water at high pressure
  • Black knob allows you to control the flow of water
  • Handle is easy to grip
  • Easy-to-use
    • FPT connection threads onto your hose
    • Wand goes through toilet
    • Nozzle rinses the tank
  • Durable PVC construction


  • Length: 23-5/8″
  • Diameter:
    • Tube: 7/8″
    • Female NPT fitting: 1″
  • 1-Year warranty