Valterra Blaster Tank Wand

Every so often, we attach this thing to a hose and stick it down the toilet into the black water tank. Then we turn on the water and it blasts the black water tank with high pressure water.

We use to to go that extra mile periodically in case stuff has failed to be released during our normal cleaning process.



  • Tank wand cleans your RV’s black-water tank and keeps sensors working properly
  • Nozzle sprays water at high pressure
  • Black knob allows you to control the flow of water
  • Handle is easy to grip
  • Easy-to-use
    • FPT connection threads onto your hose
    • Wand goes through toilet
    • Nozzle rinses the tank
  • Durable PVC construction


  • Length: 23-5/8″
  • Diameter:
    • Tube: 7/8″
    • Female NPT fitting: 1″
  • 1-Year warranty