Walbernize RV Super Seal


We sometimes use this Super Seal instead of the Meguiar’s M21.  It is a toss-up which one we like better, so we alternate.  You can find this product cheaper other places, but when you consider you will have to pay for freight, this is not a bad deal.



  • Ideal and Safe for All Acrylic, Fiberglass and Urethane Finishes With Glaze Finish
  • Prolong the life of the clearcoat on your Airstream or other RV, Boat or Plane
  • Easy cleaning and polishing action while simultaneously depositing a beautiful deep reflective waterproof finish
  • Protects New Paint, Removes Oxidized Pigment, Traffic Film and Spots of Road Oil and Tar
  • Safe For All Types of Finishes

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