Walbernize RV Super Seal

After we have washed our trailer with Griots Car Wash, this Walbernize Super Seal is how we make our Beauty shine. It is a pleasure to use. So easy to apply and to buff out.

We use these microfiber pads to apply the Walbernize and these microfiber towels to buff out our trailer.

You can find this product cheaper in other places, but considering you will have to pay for freight, this isn’t a bad deal. It is also much cheaper if you buy it in larger quantities and refill the 32 ounce application bottle. 32 ounces is exactly what we need to cover our 30′ Airstream.

Since trying Walbernize, we actually enjoy detailing the skin of our Airstream together … fill up the cooler, turn up the music and bring on the shiny-shine-shine time! Best. Days. Ever.



  • Ideal and Safe for All Acrylic, Fiberglass and Urethane Finishes With Glaze Finish
  • Prolong the life of the clearcoat on your Airstream or other RV, Boat or Plane
  • Easy cleaning and polishing action while simultaneously depositing a beautiful deep reflective waterproof finish
  • Protects New Paint, Removes Oxidized Pigment, Traffic Film and Spots of Road Oil and Tar
  • Safe For All Types of Finishes

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