Water Storage Container

We carry this water container in our truck and use it whenever we need extra water in a dry camping area.

Every time we fill our water tank, we fill the water container, too.

When the water tank is running low, we pour that extra five-and-a half gallons into the tank. That gets us at least one more day before we have to hitch up and move to a potable water source.


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  • 6 gallon, blue water container, ideal for safely transporting & storing water, rugged, heavy wall construction for durability, has flexible spout, molded in handle.
  • Rugged, heavy wall, non-insulated construction
  • Inside Spout conveniently stores container when not in use
  • Molded-in top and side handles for pouring and carrying in either direction
  • Pull-up vent provides smooth water flow
  • A great water transport and storage solution for camping or during power-outages
  • Manufactured in United States

Stay hydrated no matter your location with the Igloo 6 Gallon Water Container. Designed to be used in a rugged environment, or simply to be the just in case for a power outage, the molded-in top and side handles make pouring and carrying easy for all.

NOTE: For water use only. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will cause the water container to degrade and become brittle, increasing the chance of leaks. It is highly recommended to store water containers in cool shaded areas.