Women’s Thermal Long Silk Underwear Mulberry Silk – 2pc

Never in a million years did I think I would ever write a review about extreme cold garments.

We try really, really hard to avoid locations where we need freakin’ long underwear, but … who’da thunk? Sometimes – even right after a beautiful sunny day on the beach – all Jack Frost breaks loose.

Every summer since we’ve been on the road, there’s been some weird climate event that has prompted us to run for the silks. In Canada, New England, Ohio we have experienced shockingly cold, unseasonable blizzards, hail storms and frost. And don’t think the Florida Keys are going to save you from winter. When we were there in Winter ’18 frozen iguanas were falling from gumbo-limbo trees. Climate Change has made us so jumpy that we keep our silkies ready on the top shelf of our clothing lockers.

These essential separates are also cozy as pajamas on a frosty night. And, during the day they encourage us to just go outside and get some exercise (with other clothes on top, of course) and, eventually we even have a good time when we would otherwise be hunkered inside eating and drinking too much. And they clean up so easily. We just hand wash them at night and hang them near the furnace as we sleep. In the morning they are ready and as dependable as shadows.

These bottom and top separates are super comfortable, non-static and so light you don’t even realize you have them on. I have eczema and usually cannot wear anything close to my skin, but these silks are comfortable even on day-long hikes. No need to size up your clothing at all. Silks are an essential, elegant solution for cold weather emergencies.

Also available in men’s.



  • 100% natural mulberry silk.
  • Mulberry silk is the best and most expensive silk.
  • Supersoft, smoothly, absorbent, and breathable.
  • Antistatic and inhibiting bacteria function of silk fabrics.
  • Low-necked.
  • Great to as a layer of warmth under your clothes, or wear alone at home.
  • Hand wash.
  • Keep out of the direct sun
  • Please choose the suitable size according to the size chart (in Product Description).

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