Platform Step – Adjustable Height Aluminum

We acquired this step to facilitate the extra 4″ lift the Mothership engineered for us in Ohio. We ordered the step to arrive a couple of weeks early and during that time we realized we should have had it ever since we started out.

The only time one of us has ever taken a fall stepping out of the trailer was in Florida. We were parked horizontally on a riverbank in St. Andrews. A slight slope caused our built-in step to miss a perfect landing by about 2″. It was the last spot available, so we couldn’t ask for another. Oh well, we would just try to remember the deficit. And that worked until one day Pico tried to attack an iguana. I ran out to see what was happening and, kaboom … If we’d had this step then, all would have been well.

Also, we like the stability the sturdy aluminum structure provides when we’re carrying in big loads of groceries. No teetering or softness – just a firm, wide, solid footing.

When we are traveling we keep the platform step right inside the front door so it comes out easily. When we stop, we open the door and put it down on the ground. No futzing with the built-in collapsable step.

The step can be adjusted to several different heights to accommodate most situations. Additionally – and most important – each leg is adjustable for unstable conditions.

The sturdy rubber feet are great on concrete – no movement at all.

Is it a convenience? A safety feature? It’s both. And, in the rare situation when we don’t need it – we throw a cushion on it and it becomes a fancy dog lounger.

Love it. No complaints.




  • Maximum Support: Step can hold up to 1,000 lb.
  • Durable Construction: Strong and sturdy aluminum construction with non-slip rubber feet
  • Provides Great Stability: Grip tape allows a secure footing
  • An Ideal Size: Platform measures 19-inch x 14.5-inch.
  • Adjustable Height: Height adjusts from 7.5-inch – 9-inch for leveling on uneven surfaces
  • Easy to Transport and Store: Folds to just 3 inches high

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