Electrical Test Kit

Taking chances is for kids. We’re not going to live forever and we just need things to work for a few more years. So, it really tics us off when we have to spend good beer money to replace an electronic device that we lost due to negligence.

So, any time our Progressive Surge Protector detects electrical problems at a campsite, we haul this tester out and exercise due diligence before plugging our Airstream into the potentially hazardous electrical post.

This was the highest rated test kit when we purchased it several years ago. A keeper.


  • MN24 Digital Multimeter with large, easy to read display measures AC/DC Voltage, DC Current, Resistance, and Continuity and features Diode and Battery tests
  • Included 40130 Non Contact Voltage Detector detects AC Voltage from 100VAC to 600VAC with a Flashing LED and Audible beeper
  • Included ET15 Receptacle Tester tests for faulty wiring in 3 wire outlets with a standard North American 3 prong Plug
  • Everything you need to stay safe and work smart on DIY home electrical projects
  • The MN24 KIT includes the MN24 Digital Multimeter, Multimeter Test Leads, 40130 Non Contact Voltage Detector, ET15 Receptacle Tester, Storage Case