Floating Case for iPhone

UPDATE: These are no longer available for the older iPhone 8, but here is a link to one for the iPhone X, Xs and 11 Pro.

After I dropped my iPhone in The Mystic River in Massachusettes, we bought my iPhone a life jacket. This floating case comes with an attached lanyard. Inserting the iPhone into the floating case takes less time than putting a lifejacket on yourself. It is definately worth the assurance that when I’m out kayaking, my iPhone is safe.

Since we have an iPhone 8 Plus and a XS Max, our phones are waterproof, but they do not float. So this solves the “sinking to the bottom” problem and we do not have to use the included extra waterproof protection this product supplies for older iPhones.

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  • Floatable & Anti-Sinking:The Temdan buoyant case can float to surface when dropped in the water, prevent your iPhone from sinking. A real lifejacket for your water-resistance iPhone 8 plus 7 Plus or iPhone 6/6s Plus when swimming, snorkeling, surfing, fishing or doing many other water activities
  • Enhanced Shockproof: Made from durable high-visibility, drop/tear/stain resistant and environment-friendly foam. The Temdan float case is extremely shock/drop proof up to 17ft
  • Quick & Easy Installation: Durable one-piece design allows for quick installation and removal, no tools required, Light weight foam construction give a comfortable grip, very convenient to carry on
  • Eye-Catching Color: Fresh bright orange color not only attract everybody’s attention, but also helps you to quickly locate it anywhere, anytime