Grassworx Clean Machine Doormat

The Grassworx Clean Machine, 22.5″ x 35.5″, makes our entrance appear more attractive and our trailer more clean. It’s not too rough on bare feet but it works like a boot scraper and really cleans muddy soles. Water, mud, dust and grass slide off easily.

There’s only one problem with this mat: it catches hair and grass and won’t let it go without a good brushing with the broom. But, that’s what makes it such a good mat – better that the stuff ends up in the mat than in the trailer.

Made of heavy rubber, this mat won’t blow away – even in very strong wind. In three years we have only replaced this mat once.

Top-notch product.



  • Our genuine AstroTurf door mat with triple cleaning action to grab, hold and hide dirt
  • Easy to clean, color resistant mat withstands mold and mildew
  • AstroTurf scraper blades stop dirt at your door and keep your home clean
  • This outdoor mat is made in the USA and works in all weather conditions
  • Uses: Great for front entrance doors, garage doors, back doors, patios and decks

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