Unique RV “Digest-It” Holding Tank Treatment

This stuff is amazing!  If we have a spill while pouring in the liquid, it contains no crazy blue color to stain our floor. Plus, it’s eco friendly. Unique uses bacteria to destroy odors and slime build up, naturally. Simple biology is saving us dough. We have had to pay the huge bill for having our black water tank cleaned … but never again! Unique is much cheaper.

We only need 2 ounces to treat our tank and we get fantastic results. Fantastic results mean no odor, no valve problems, and Unique breaks down old sludge – so the sooner it is in use, the sooner the tank begins the “self-cleaning” mode. In fact, the tank just gets cleaner and cleaner the more we use it.

What we love about Unique is it makes our life boring. No more hair-raising black tank episodes in our lives. No more huge cleaning bills to pay. Oh dear, what shall we do with all this calmness, fresh air and dough? Alas, we shall think of something.



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  • DIGESTS SOLIDS Inside Tank: Immediately starts digesting solid waste and all brands of toilet paper. With regular use, over time, it will dissolve years of heavy sludge and smelly scum. Reverse years of neglect.
  • CLEANS: Maintains optimal wastewater systems. Prevents clogs, reduces odors, and cleans level gauges
  • REDUCES ODORS: Helps control foul tank odors. Part of a full line of Unique products designed to digest waste and reduce tank odors under varying conditions
  • NON-TOXIC: True Eco-Friendly, formaldehyde-free formula that is safe for your family, septic systems, and the environment
  • TRUSTED: Family owned, 100% Made in the USA, and trusted by thousands of RVers everyday. Established in 1997. The original eco-friendly tank product..

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