Unique RV “Digest-It” Holding Tank Treatment

This stuff is amazing!  If we have a spill while pouring in the liquid, it contains no crazy blue color to stain our floor. Plus, it’s eco friendly. Unique uses bacteria to destroy odors and slime build up, naturally. Simple biology is saving us dough. We have had to pay the huge bill for having our black water tank cleaned … but never again! Unique is much cheaper.

We only need 2 ounces to treat our tank and we get fantastic results. Fantastic results mean no odor, no valve problems, and Unique breaks down old sludge – so the sooner it is in use, the sooner the tank begins the “self-cleaning” mode. In fact, the tank just gets cleaner and cleaner the more we use it.

What we love about Unique is it makes our life boring. No more hair-raising black tank episodes in our lives. No more huge cleaning bills to pay. Oh dear, what shall we do with all this calmness, fresh air and dough? Alas, we shall think of something.

FEBRUARY 2023 UPDATE: Unique introduced a new more powerful version of their Classic Holding Tank Treatment, which we have been using for 7 years. We have switched to using this new more powerful version. It is a few dollars more expensive than the original.

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  • Faster and more effective waste and RV tissue digester. RV Digest-It+ RV black tank treatment breaks down waste and all brands of toilet paper, preventing pyramid plugs and making dumping easier.
  • Our strongest complete RV tank treatment, 10x stronger than RV Digest-It Classic. Breaks down clog-causing waste and eliminates porta potty smells and sewer odors in your tank.
  • Maintains working sensor probes. Stops black water tank sensor probes from misreading by liquifying waste before it builds up and clings to probes. Digests grease, oil, and food debris in gray tanks.
  • RV Digest-It+ camper toilet treatment is designed to work with The Unique Method to ensure clog- and odor-free camping, no matter what your style is: hookups, dry camping, full-time, extreme heat.
  • RV Digest-It+ is Unique. Formulated With Trust in the USA. Campground and home septic safe, CA compliant. #1 brand recommended by RV techs. Carried in thousands of retailers from coast to coast.

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