Valterra Reverse RV Flush King Valve

Only his Valterra knows for sure …

Jim and his Valterra F02-4350 Reverse RV Flush Valve are so close they are nearly joined at the hip. They’ve even been known to have a beer together.

That’s because when we were newbies, Jim went outside to open the black water tank valve. Nothing happened … More details can be found at our blog post We Met The Enema, And It Was Us.

Now, we use The Valterra every time we empty the black tank. And, Jim, who has become passionate about black water tank management, flushes the BW tank at least four times in a row whenever he has the chance. He just likes to imagine it sparkling where the sun don’t shine.

It happens. Everyone has a clog once in a while but we’ve put those days behind us, so to speak.



  • Valterra Flush King reverse RV flush valve removes clogs in drain pipes
  • Refills and flushes tank at any height or angle of plumbing
  • Attaches quickly and easily
  • Built-in backflow preventer
  • Improves sensor performance Outperforms built-in flushers Eliminates wands and hoses inside the vehicle

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