Valterra Reverse RV Flush Valve

The Valterra F02-4350 Reverse RV Flush Valve saved us from a major problem.

Once when we opened the black water tank valve, nothing happened because we had a clog. More details can be found at our blog post We Met The Enema, And It Was Us.

We now use it every time we empty the black tank, doing about 4 flushes of fresh water to clean out the tank.

We never have problems anymore with clogs.



  • Valterra Flush King reverse RV flush valve removes clogs in drain pipes
  • Refills and flushes tank at any height or angle of plumbing
  • Attaches quickly and easily
  • Built-in backflow preventer
  • Improves sensor performance Outperforms built-in flushers Eliminates wands and hoses inside the vehicle

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