RhinoFLEX Gray/Black Water Tank Clean Out Hose

We like to have a special hose to use just for cleaning out the black and gray water tank.

That way, we will never contaminate our potable water hose by mistakenly using it near the sewer attachments.

To make it easy, we have a special colored hose for this purpose. It can be any unusual color like orange shown here, or black or gray. Just anything that makes it easy to see the difference.

We also store this hose in the same place we store our our sewer products like the stinky slinky, sewer hose extension, Flush King and black tank blaster wand.





  • Ideal for flushing black water, grey water or tote tanks
  • Keep contaminants separate from your drinking water hose or garden hose
  • Compatible with standard garden hose threads
  • Bright orange color helps prevent hose mix ups
  • Made of durable PVC

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