Gray/Black Water Tank Clean Out Hose – Expandable

We like to have a special hose to use just for cleaning out the black and gray water tank.

That way, we will never contaminate our potable water hose by mistakenly using it near the sewer attachments.

To make it easy, we have a special black hose for this purpose.

While 50 feet is a bit overkill for most of the time, since it is expandable, it shrinks very small when not in use.

We also store this hose in the same place we store our our sewer products like the stinky slinky, sewer hose extension, Flush King and black tank blaster wand.

Super high quality and will never kink and is so easy to put away.





  • EXPANDABLE GARDEN HOSE UP TO 3X ITS SIZE: The GrowGreen Expandable Garden Hose actually GROWS! Using USA standard water pressure the water hose will expand up to 3 times its size.
  • OUR GARDEN HOSES ARE DESIGNED TO MAKE LIFE MUCH EASIER! This newly designed expandable water hose will never tangle, twist, or kink. Flexible and easy to handle the hose will roll up right into the included storage sack.
  • SPACE EFFICIENT: No one wants a clumsy water hose hanging around their garden! So we fixed that with the perfect hose that expands under water pressure but returns in seconds to its original compact length after the water is out!
  • INCLUDES A HEAVY DUTY STORAGE SACK: This high standard flexible hose comes with a great storage sack which will help keep your garage organized when putting away your hose.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: We know you will love these garden hoses but if there are any issues just contact the manufacturer for any claims.

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