Entryway Mat (Indoor use)

We have two of these little soldiers, which are sold individually.

These gray mats might look stiff and boring, but there’s something about a rug in uniform.

And, they’re four years old and still functional. In fact, our rugs are in the same condition and appearance as the day we bought them – and we live in our trailer full-time.

One mat is positioned at the entry and the other is at the shower door in the bathroom.

These sturdy, absorbent rugs have a strong floor-gripping backing. We can trust that they’re not going to go AWOL and give us the slip.

And they’re eternally clean. They never appear dirty or smell sour even though we’ve treated them bad – putting them through hundreds of dusty, muddy and wet environments.

And they can take a beating. Even though they’re strong, the flexible woven backing makes them limber enough to beat and shake. After our daily floor vacuuming, we take them out for a good shaking and then put them back inside to man their respective posts.

WASHING: The absorbency makes them too heavy for our washing machine  – and due to their full weight when wet, we can barely lift them when sopping wet. So, whenever it’s convenient, we launder them in a commercial machine. However, to protect the backing, we never put them in the dryer. On a bright sunny morning we take them for a wash and then bring them home to dry on the picnic table.

Other rugs …? Well, sure. We’ve had a few flings with some very good-looking rugs. But, we barely remember the details except they impuslively wandered into our lives, got messed up and landed in trash heap somewhere.

Hey, these rugs might not be flashy, but they’re clean-cut, trustworthy essential equipment. The Real Thing.

Never going back.

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  • Keep your floors clean with the Super Sponge Entryway Mat.
  • This super absorbent mat holds up to 10X its weight in water keeping muddy foot or paw prints from entering your home.
  • Perfect for daily use, this mat dries 5 times faster than most regular mats.
  • Invite guests in to your home with this Super Sponge Entryway Mat