Mattress Protector/Encasement

Using this mattress encasement guarantees no fluids or stains will make contact with our new mattress!

In fact, if you purchase a mattress encasement and a mattress from them at the same time, their manufacture offers a life time warranty against spills and stains. If you get a spill or stain that goes through the encasement and on to your mattress and a professional cleaning company can’t get the stain out, the manufacturer will replace your mattress with one of equal value for free!



Most fitted sheet style RV mattress protectors only cover 25% of your mattress which leaves you exposed to harmful allergens.

Our machine washable 6 sided RV mattress protector will completely zipper around your mattress to lock out dust mites!!

It works so well that most of our customers will leave this RV mattress protector on their mattress during the off-season to give it an extra layer of protection!

Protect Yourself Against Bed Bugs!

The exclusive zipper lock system and our unique fabric has been lab tested to be bite proof and entry proof.

This creates a fortress of protection around your RV mattress better than a fitted sheet style mattress protector.

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