Mattress Hypervent Aire-Flow Moisture Barrier

Eww! While deep house-cleaning in Florida (January 2021) we discovered mildew spots on our custom sized RV mattress encasement protector. We shouldn’t have been so shocked because we did suffer a leak in the bedroom last Summer in Colorado which we had repaired. So we tossed the encasement protector, bought a new one and purchased this moisture barrier to keep mildew out of our trailer.

This very light-weight and sturdy air-flow barrier is placed on the wood frame below the mattress. It creates an air pocket beneath the wood frame and the mattress to keep the underside of the mattress moisture free even while camping seaside and on lake shores, beside rivers and bayous – all the areas we adore.

It is vital for our health to keep our trailer mold/mildew free and after this latest confrontation with mildew we feel that EVERY RV mattress should be mounted on a Hyper-vent Moisture Barrier.

And it’s so light-weight we don’t even notice it’s there. We can still lift our under-bed storage cabinet with no problem at all.

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We recommend combining the moisture barrier with their mattress encasement protector to keep the mattress like new for years. The encasement protector has proven to do the job. Even though we discovered mildew on the surface, the encasement protector prevented it from penetrating through and infecting the mattress. This excellent technology saved us the cost of a new mattress. Worth it!



Aire-flow™ is designed to prevent moisture build-up underneath mattresses, bunk pads, and cushions.

Note: Sold by the Linear Foot

Are you looking for a solution to mold, mildew, dampness, or moisture build up under your RV mattress?

The most practical and affordable solution is the Hypervent Aire-Flow™ Mattress Underlay.  Simply place the material underneath your mattress or cushions to minimize moisture buildup.

What’s causing this problem in the first place?

Mattresses in Boats, RVs, Trucks, and Aircraft usually rest on plywood or other types of flat hard surfaces.  Most of those surfaces provide minimal air circulation underneath your bed.

When you’re sleeping, your body heat increases the temperature of the mattress.  Some of that heat radiates out of the top and sides of the mattress, but a lot of it radiates out of the bottom.

If the surface the mattress is lying on is colder than the mattress itself (it usually is), that temperature difference can cause condensation to form.  And if the condensation can’t evaporate, it can lead to mold or mildew buildup.

How does Hypervent Aire-Flowresolve my issue?

Hypervent Aire-Flow™ provides unobstructed airflow by elevating the mattress off the sleeping surface…kind of a like a magician’s assistant in a Vegas magic show. 🙂

When the mattress is elevated, warm air is able to circulate under the mattress which minimizes conditions necessary for condensation.

If condensation does occur, the Hypervent Aire-Flow™ material allows that moisture to evaporate.

What is Hypervent Aire-Flow?

It’s a 3/4″ industrial-grade woven polymer material bonded to a breathable fabric.  The material was originally designed for water drainage in parking structures and soccer fields.


  • Allows for unobstructed airflow under your mattress
  • Light weight material weighing only 4.3 oz per sq yard
  • Easily bends around door ways and tight spaces
  • Maintenance free
  • Unaffected by cold temperatures
  • Very strong but flexible (can support very heavy people)
  • Holds it’s shape indefinitely and outlasts your mattress
  • Can’t be felt underneath your mattress
  • Easy to clean and dry (soaps, hot water, or steam cleaning is ok)
  • Easy to join multiple pieces together.  Simply apply adhesive or tape to a 3″ overhanging flap.
  • Easy to cut with a pair of scissors


Hypervent Aire-Flow™ is available in widths of 39″ and lengths of up to 50 feet.

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