Oxygenics Shower Head

Oxygenics Shower Head saves water painlessly.

The technology increases the oxygen in the water as it exits the shower head widening the spray over your body so less water is wasted on the drain and more water hits you where it counts.

Bottom line is this shower head increases our conservation by a few extra days. That’s a lot of conservation.

If you like to boondock in your RV then The Oxygenics Shower Head is an essential item to decrease your water dependence so you can see some the best places in America without looking like you just fell of the back of a flatbed truck.

We’ve had our Oxygenics for three years and have no complaints. We bought the white shower head because we’re boring, but they come in various colors and finishes. So, woo-hoo! Get your Oxygenics and enjoy smelling pretty and still have great water efficiency.

No buddy showers, ya’ll 😉



  • Put jet engine power in your shower with this attractive handheld shower head
  • Patented technology increases oxygen content in your water and self-pressurizes for the best shower experience possible
  • No clogging guaranteed. Includes wand, 60 inch hose, wand holder, comfort regulator, washers, teflon tape and easy installation instructions
  • Limited lifetime warranty.
  • Oxygenics BodySpa Kit has shutoff valve that can create a comfort control that adjusts from soft to stimulating
  • Handheld shower
  • WaterSense 2.0 GPM