Reese Strait-Line Trunnion Bar Hitch

Since day one we have used and like the Reese Strait-line hitch.

We cannot recommend it enough.

We have pulled our Airstream more than 67,000+ miles as of the summer of 2023 and NEVER had any sway problems.

For us, we think this is they best choice for anti-sway weight distribution.

It has been around for decades and stood the test of time.

We spray white grease on the hitch ball and the

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  • The Strait-Line Hitch consists of our patented Dual Cam High-Performance Sway Control and our High-Performance Weigh Distributing System in one easy-to-install package.
  • This is the ultimate hitch in detail and by design.
  • No other hitch gives the driver the control this one does at a reasonable price.
  • The Strait-Line Hitch was given this name as its pro-active design literally forces the trailer to stay in a straight line behind the tow vehicle.
  • Simple installation and adjustment
  • Fully automatic and self-centering
  • Hooking up spring bars automatically hooks up sway control
  • Reduced noise
  • No U-bolts to conflict with bottle racks or other A-frame mounted items
  • Specific attachment reference points provided
  • Easy adjustment of centerline
  • No need to relocate items on top of A-frame to install Dual Cam High-Performance Sway Control