White Lithium Grease Spray

When you’re arriving to a quiet location, lube matters.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of. We just like to pull-in stealth without announcing our arrival like the circus has come to town. So, every time we attach our Reese anti-sway weight distribution hitch to the trailer, we use this easy-to-apply white lithium grease to our hitch ball and to the end of our trunnion which is attached to the truck.

And, it’s not even messy. The built-in focus spray nozzle facilitates precision applications so the grease lands precisely where we want it. No squeaky arrivals or departures.

Get slick and get a move on.



  • Compatible With Vehicle Type: All-Terrain-Vehicles;Utility-Vehicles;Street-Sport-Motorcycles;Off-Road-Motorcycles;Street-Cruiser-Motorcycles;Street-Touring-Motorcycles;Street-Motor-Scooters;Snowmobiles;Marine-Personal-Craft