Screwdriver Bit Set with Tough Case – 45-Piece

It’s a screwdriver set. In other words, a necessity. This is the item in the tool arsenal that is most likely to be borrowed and never returned.

We’ve had this set for about 20 years, which means we have already lost one set from loaning it out. We’re not letting that happen again. And, yeah, some of the bits in our remaining set are missing (and we’re not saying that has something to do with our son’s graduation project at High Tech High – but we’re not saying it didn’t either). Fortunately the remainder of the bits are still in great shape even though they were probably borrowed by at least forty other teenagers.

So this is a quality product. A necessity for any handy person, and … it’s a screwdriver bit set. Whaddaya want me to say?



  • VALUE: $40 value vs. purchasing separately
  • BIT RETENTION: Tough Case container bit retention system keeps bits secure
  • MAGNETIC DRIVE GUIDE: Magnetic Drive Guide reduces stripping and wobbling
  • BIT FIT: Includes 12 double ended bits
  • BIT TIP COUNT: 54 total tips. Clip latch for secure closing
  • STEEL BITS: Hardened steel screwdriver bits
  • DURABLE CASE: Comes in a strong and durable case

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