Visor – Neoprene

Okay, I buy these by the dozens so I can keep them in a dozen different places – easy to grab and go.

This is the only visor that stays on my head in exactly the position I placed it and never needs adjusting. Also, it never gives me a headache, never pulls my hair, never flies off in the wind, is washable, and is comfortable for hiking or kayaking in all weather conditions.

It fits in my pockets and is available in four different colors. If I were to improve anything about this visor, it would be to give me one more inch of coverage on the brim.

But this visor is so great that I don’t give a flubber that I look a bit like a card dealer in a casino. What do I care? I am a mature woman who is past that crap.

Best visor that is currently on the planet.

If Amazon is out of stock, you can buy them from Browzon


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  • Since 1983 – The Original neoprene visor. Assembled in U.S.A.
  • 3mm thickness. 4″ brim.
  • Adjustable hook & loop (Velcro style) closure – one size fits all
  • Absorbs perspiration and dries quickly
  • Light weight and portable – roll it up and pack it in your purse, pack or pocket