See Level Tank Monitor System

Once upon a time … back when Beauty was with her previous travelers … the internal sensors which detect levels in her black water, gray water and fresh water tanks all worked correctly.

Over time, Beauty’s internal sensors failed due to corrosion and clogs. So we asked Vinnie’s Northbay Airstream Repair to install new external sensors onto the outside of the tanks.

Now, we always have the confidence our levels are accurate, including those on our propane tanks. It may seem like a small thing, but knowing our levels has been a real benefit – especially because of the way we camp in so many different locations which are often without hook-ups or have only partial hook-ups. Now, we’re able to make more accurate decisions about when to pull off and restore our levels or visit dumping stations.

Wow. What a change. So far, so good! These new exterior tank sensors were installed in October of ’20. We will continue to update here about our experience with what currently appears to be a fabulous product.




  • The Garnet SeeLevel II Model 709 Tank Monitoring System is the perfect system to upgrade from an existing underperforming monitoring system that was included in your RV.
    • Provides accurate tank level information using a percentage of full readout.
    • Monitors battery voltage, fresh, gray, and black water tanks, and your LPG tank.
    • Tanks are monitored using external level sensing technology, preventing problems caused by debris build-up in the holding tank.
    • Tank senders connect to the display via a common bus network which saves wiring costs.
    • Measures tanks from 5″ to 34″ depending on the sensors you specify.
    • Detailed diagnostic information monitors sender operation.
    • The level is shown in percent on a three-digit LED display.
    • Uses common industry connector for ease of installation and servicing.
    • Not designed for metal tanks.
    • LPG tank connection is compatible with existing electric senders.
    • LPG can be factory calibrated, or at first fill of your tank.
    • The display requires 12 volts from the RV battery, the system will function from 11 volts to 16 volts.
    • Common two wire conductor (signal and ground) is required from the display to each sender.
    • Switches are rated for a maximum of 6 amps. A relay is required if more than 6 amps are needed.
    • Current drain is less than 200mA.
    • Panel Dimensions: 4″ W x 2.8″ H x 1″ D.
    • Cutout Size: 3″ W x 1.8″ H.
    • Weight: 5 lbs.
    • Includes: (1) Display monitor, (3) 12″ 710ES tank senders, (1) pigtail, and mounting screws.
    • Limited 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty.

    Note: The standard 12″ 710ES senders may be swapped out for either the 6” 710JS and/or 16” 710SS senders. If you need to exchange senders, please call 866-332-7881 to place your order or if ordering online put in the order notes at check out, what senders you need.