Telesteps 12 ft Reach Wide Step Telescoping A-frame Ladder

I’m so proud to say that we finally ditched our inferior ladder and invested in the Telesteps.

In truth, we went through a few cheaper ladders before springing for the Telesteps, but at least we stopped playing chicken with life and limb and did the right thing.

After using the Telesteps, it is embarrassing that two people in their mid-sixties would even take a chance on any other ladder. But there ya go. Bad judgement is a universal problem.

The Telesteps is lightweight so it is easy to pull it out of the back bed of The Beast, set up and get to work cleaning or inspecting the roof for damage, or adjust our WeBoost. Easy use is important, so we don’t take chances in an emergency.

We first tested the Telesteps at the Wally Byam International Caravan Rally in Salem, Oregon and we were thrilled that Telesteps allowed each of us (one at a time, of course) to safely reach the center of our Airstream roof without the other having to hold the ladder below to secure it against any wobbles as a safety precaution.

Having all of the ladders to test we learned that the Telesteps 10-foot ladder is too short for the Airstream, and the 14-foot is way too high … but the 12′ is just right – and so stable that now the roof gets a thorough cleaning with our long handled scrubber.

Using the Telesteps is so much more relaxing. The stress factor is eliminated because the ladder is firmly footed on the ground, easy to climb, and feels as stable as a stairway installation.

The Telesteps ladder also has a hand bar which gives extra security when making a long reach. Also, the Telesteps does not touch our trailer at all which is an important feature for the Airstream’s delicate skin.

We’re so thrilled to have this ladder. Trailer maintenance should be a pleasure, not a night mare. So, so worth it.


  • 8 ft Professional wide step telescoping A-frame ladder, with 12 ft reachable height
  • Type 1AA 375 lb rated
  • Weighs 24 lbs
  • Fully automatic operation up and down with patented One-Touch release mechanism
  • Stair feature on one side
  • OSHA Compliant, ANSI 14.2 tested