Warning Triangles – 3 pack

Roadside Debacle Stories Ahead:

While traveling through wine country we found ourselves in a crazy, unforseen situation with our backside taking up most of a lane on a busy roadway during rush hour. That was the first time we put these to the test.

Jim was at the wheel, so it was my job.

Of course, my hands were shaking as heavy traffic bunched up behind us. Fortunately the triangles, which are designed for emergency use, set up easily and effortlessly. All I had to do was concentrate on where to place them so traffic could flow safely around us. Motorists instantly knew what to do. Traffic resumed, cautiously, and no one got hurt.

Seemed like it took an hour for help to arrive, but it was really only about ten minutes before a guy arrived from the winery to open the gate we were told to enter from the narrow two-lane highway.

We used the triangles one other time when our water pump blew on a major highway in Louisiana – also during rush hour. There was no shoulder on this highway to pull over, so we used the flashers to steadily slow traffic down behind us until we could come to a stop – halfway on the grass beside a steep embankment and halfway in the slow lane. These triangles were priceless. They gave us enough time to allow the Beast cool down so we could make a run for the next available exit.

Another good ending thanks to these great triangles.

We also keep LED flares with the triangles just in case we have an incident at night.

Whatever you buy, make sure it is DOT, “Department of Transportation” approved, and Guys …

Stay safe out there.



  • DOT (Department of Transportation) approved!
  • 17-inch folding triangle
  • 3pcs per pack
  • Meets DOT standard FMVSS 571.125 specifications
  • Non-skid base withstands up to 40 meters per hour winds
  • Brilliant red reflectors on both sides of triangle for nighttime safety

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