SlimK 3 Pack LED Road Flares

Self-preservation is a high priority, so we have the LED Road Flares on hand just in case we are ever stopped on the roadside at night.

If we are ever stopped on the roadside at night (God forbid) we would use these flares in combination with our triangles.

We also practice with these items so we know how they work because emergencies are not rehearsals.

These super-versatile flares are fabulous for illuminating the inside of our Clam Quick Set at night and as outdoor safety lamps on dark boon docking nights. We place them around the door so we can easily grab them for walking Pico and to fetch gear from the truck or the outside hatches.

Great product.

Essential travel gear.





  • The 3 Pack LED flares light are included in the package,plus a convenient storage bag.
  • The LED warning light is shatterproof,crushproof and rainproof, a must have for car trunk emergency or bicycle emergency.
  • Superior visibility: Super bright LED array can be seen up to 1 mile at night
  • It can be used for traffic control, as a warning light, as a rescue beacon, and for any other emergencies.
  • They can also be used for recreational activities such as camping and hiking.
  • 9 different flashing modes, included SOS rescue and 3 LED flashlight. Providing 9 warning light which can help in different situation.
  • 3 AAA batteries are included for ready use, runs up to 36 hours.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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