Clam Portable Outdoor Gazebo Shelter

Look! Next to the Beaubeaux’s Airstream!

Is it a dog enclosure? a dining room? a garage? Yes, yes and yes! It’s the super, Clam Quickset!

One person alone can set it up in less than five minutes. With two people it’s about a one-minute set-up.

The Clam folds down to 8″ x 8″ x 72″ and slips easily in and out of the truck bed. This large version can contain our inflated kayaks on the carts, our Dolphin E-bikes, cooler and table all at once. When rain is predicted we quickly expedite all of our outdoor gear into The Clam. So easy.

Clam quickset

This rugged outdoor shelter protects us and our gear from sun, wind, rain, bugs and dust. The Clam is perfect for the park, beach or campsite – the lightweight case with sturdy strap handles makes it easy to tote the Clam Quick Set over short distances.

We’ve had it since April 2019 and now we wonder how we ever managed without a Clam Quickset.

The Clam comes in several colors, but not all colors are available all the time. It comes with three panels which we use for both privacy and windbreaks. Eventually, we ordered more panels to make it an all-weather enclosure for our valuables.

In hot weather we open up all the windows to make it cool inside. Putting a small 12 volt rechargeable fan can make a huge difference but so far we haven’t needed it.

For light in the evening, we hang up a single Luci Light, a remarkable solar powered inflatable lantern, which illuminates the interior.

We’re not sure what wind conditions the Clam Quickset can hold up to but (in the video below) we have clocked it standing up to 20 mph gusts at Maumee Bay State Park.

Here is a video from December 2020 at Gulf State Park in Gulf Shores Alabama showing the Clam handling sustained constant wind of 25 mph and gusts up to 35 mph using the water tubes for stability.

Okay, that’s impressive, but our Clam recently withstood 50mph gusts!!! That’s because we added a heavy duty set of tie-downs with these awesome stakes and water tubes. Holy cow, that Clam held it’s ground! Over two days it took steady 30 mph winds with occasional 50 mph gusts off the coast of San Diego. After the storm many campers came over to ask about The Clam (usually they call it a yurt) saying they’ve never seen a tent handle wind like that with complete efficiency. There was no damage and it didn’t budge an inch.

Good Clam!

Periodically, we maintenance our Clam with 303 protectant.



  • Incredibly roomy, portable canopy designed to provide shelter against the elements
  • 12 x 12-foot canopy with ample amounts of room
  • All-season design allows you to use this canopy anytime of year
  • Pop-up canopy shelter takes only 45 seconds to setup
  • Spacious enough to fit a picnic table inside
  • Available in 5 different colors

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