Clam Shelter Water Tubes for stability – 5 Pack

We bought our Clam almost three years ago and recently began using these water tubes for increased wind and bug resistance.

Previously, on the west coast, just strapping down the tent worked fine. But, while desert-camping, we did place rocks on the flaps for extra wind security. But, obviously, the water tubes are cleaner and a more effective solution to secure the Clam in high winds.

Now, whenever we set up the Clam Quick Set Tent Shelter, we just fill these tubes up and place them around the five (5) bottom flaps, snug to the tent sides. They lay flat along the entire surface of the flap making the tent more wind resistant and bug resistant as well. And, unlike the rocks, these soft tubes don’t shift, come loose or scar the fabric. Sure wish we’d seen these tubes sooner because we sustained a few holes in the flaps in our early stone-age period. Fortunately, the holes were small and we were able to fix them with our tent repair kit.

Using a normal water hose, it takes about a minute to fill each tube and mere seconds to empty them while striking the tent and packing up. And, they stow away beautifully inside the bag where we keep the Clam.

With the tubes properly filled and in place, our Clam shelter sustained constant wind of 25 mph and gusts up to 35 mph for days on end (thanks to Winter 2020-21) with no shifting or damage.

Check out this video



  • Heavy-duty 16 gauge vinyl construction
  • Eight feet long
  • Easy fill valve

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