Valterra Twist-On Waste Valve

Once upon a time … Eww. Our black water tank valve would not close properly and sewage slowly leaked out. Ugh. What a stinkin’ mess to remove the end cap. But it would be weeks before we could get an appointment to fix the valve. The urgency was palpable. What should we do? Swoon? Surrender ourselves to a hotel? Never fear, my friends. Help was on the way, thanks to Amazon Prime. Next day, a driver in an ironically brown truck hands us a package and … Enter: The Valterra Twist-On Valve!!! Hurray! Our hero, Valterra, rescued us and contained the problem until our repair appointment. And we lived happily ever after. The End.



  • No more mess with an old valve problem.
  • Twists onto your current waste valve
  • Eliminates expensive service work
  • Twist On – 3″ Bayonet Hooks to 3″ Lug
  • Twist-on valve is designed to be a quick fix for your RV’s black-water waste valve issue.
  • 3″ Diameter passage allows wastewater to travel freely when valve is open
  • Bayonet hooks twist onto existing valve
  • Lug fitting end secures to sewer hose
  • No clamps needed
  • Creates seal