Victron DC-DC Converter

What in the world did we need with a Victron Energy Orion-Tr IP43 12/12-Volt 18 amp 220-Watt DC-DC Converter, Isolated?

Good question!

Vinnie Lamica explained that while driving our truck and pulling our Airstream, our truck was not charging our Airstream batteries.

With this new gadget, every time we are hitched up and traveling down the road, our truck is charging our lithium batteries.

It took Vinnie about 15 minute to install.

Great new addition to our gear.



  • The Victron Energy Orion-Tr DC-DC Isolated Converter converts voltage from 12 to 12-Volt with a 18 amp and 220-Watt output and is IP43 protected
  • The remote on-off connector eliminates the need for a high current switch in the input wiring, the remote on-off can be operated with a low power switch or by the engine run/stop switch
  • Because of the adjustable output voltage it can also be used as a battery charger, for example to charge a 12-Volt starter or accessory battery in an otherwise 12-Volt system
  • All models are short circuit proof and can be paralleled to increase output current. Also high temperature protected, the output current will reduce at high ambient temperature
  • The screw terminals give the advantage of not needing any special tools for installation