RV Water Pressure Regulator – Solid Brass

In our post titled, Water Water, we explain why we do not hook up directly to shore water.

When cooking, showering and washing clothes, we draw water from our fresh water tank and refill the tank as needed – every few days when we’re in a full-hook up campground and about every week-and-a-half when we’re dry-camping and/or boon-docking.

Enter, the RV Water Pressure Regulator. As fresh water from a potable source runs through our double filter, the regulator insures the flow is slow enough to accomplish efficient water filtering.



  • Helps protect RV plumbing and hoses from high pressure city water
  • Attaches easily with 3/4″ garden hose threads
  • Durable brass construction that is drinking water safe
  • Reduces water pressure to a safe and consistent 40 to 50 lbs of pressure
  • CSA low lead content certified. Complies with California’s AB1953 and Vermont Act 193, Maryland HB 372, and Louisiana HB 471 Low Lead Content Laws