Blackstone Griddle Cover and Carry Bag Set – 17″

We live outside, and our Blackstone Grill lives outside with us. So, this cover and carry bag protects the cast iron cooking surface from dirt, dust, bugs and Wally-knows-what.

Here’s how we keep our Blackstone rust-free:

Turn it off after use. When the cooking elements are cool – after dinnertime and before watching Game of Thrones – the Blackstone has cooled down and that’s when we clean it with the scraping tool using some course salt if necessary. Once it is clean, we oil the entire cooking surface and cover it.

Why cover the Blackstone?

Horses at Assateague, bears at Yosemite, bison at Teddy Roosevelt NP, moose at The Grand Tetons, mountain lions at Joshua Tree … and deer, raccoons skunks, bees, wasps and flies everywhere else in the U.S.

Oils, salt, and that wonderful umami flavor exquisitely seasoned into the cast iron is an irresistible treat for any creature with a tongue. Not saying I’ve ever licked the Blackstone, but if I were a moose, I totally would. Now, since we don’t want easy lickin’s to make us into easy pickin’s, this sturdy cover gives us some insurance that we won’t be wakened at Big Bend by a herd of javelina ransacking our Clam for a midnight snack.

Bottom line is, only creatures with hands can easily remove the cover. Okay, maybe it’s not bear-proof, but at least the cover doesn’t send a “Here bear, here bear!” sorta message.

But the primary reason we cover our Blackstone is to prevent rust. It’s a piece of iron cookware. Moisture rusts iron. This moisture-proof cover keeps the surface protected for the next use even if it rained all. night. long. in Florida.

And, when the grill is in storage, the easy carrying case protects it from the bumps and jostles of railroad tracks, washboard road, pot holes (AKA driving in Louisiana (and don’t get mad at us Louisiana, you are still a top-favorite LIB state).

These two items – the cover and the bag – are essential equipment for the Blackstone – that is, if you love your Blackstone, as much as we love ours, and want to keep it.




  • Custom designed to fit the Blackstone 17″ Tabletop Griddle
  • Two-piece set: Cover and carry bag
  • Weather resistant double-layered canvas
  • Made with extra heavy-duty canvas

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