Extension Cord – 30 Amp – 10-Gauge – 25ft

One would think that an extra 25′ extension cord would be a rare necessity. But, we needed one the very first time we went camping. It was a trial run in a rented RV. Fortunately, a really nice guy in a Born Free RV loaned us his. Since then, we’ve needed that extra stretch several times. So we keep this extension cord handy for those shy electrical poles that through some failure of design are so far away that our usual cord will not suffice. Nothing exciting here, folks. Just a mundane necessity for an imperfect world.


  • Handles make unplugging easier
  • Cord is rated 125 Volt / 30Amp / 3750 Watt
  • Cord length is 25′
  • NOTE: These will not fit standard home wall outlets
  • Cord ends are NEMA TT-30P Plug and TT-30R receptacle
  • Rated for outdoor use

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