Kayak Life Vest

We hate life vests – all of them. They’re all bulky and they all chafe. And, no matter how comfortable they might feel, it’s miserable to wear them on a hot day.

Yet, an official flotation device is an essential article of life-saving gear, and wearing one is often required by the authorities.

Even though we consider our unsinkable inflatable kayaks to have life-saving elements, if we are separated from the vessel by collision (aka: drunk jet skier) or a surprise rouge wave, we’d be wet toast without a wearable device firmly attached to our bodies.

This low-profile inflatable life-belt doesn’t get in the way of paddling (and makes you look a whole lot sexier in photos). It is adjustable to any size person and snaps securely around the waist. It is so easy and comfortable to wear that we have to remind ourselves that it is there.

Thus far, this life-belt has provided peace of mind while conforming to common sense rules and regulations. Fortunately, we’ve never had to inflate the thing.

But if inflation is ever necessary – a quick pull of the bright yellow plastic tug dangling from a cord just below the belly button – the action will instantly activate a built-in miniature CO2 tank.

The device must be repacked following inflation. Sorry, but we have no idea how much that would cost and hope we never need to.

Great technology for kayaking comfort!



  • U.S. Coast Guard Approved Inflatable Belt Pack – Manual Inflation
  • 16 gram CO2 charge provides 17 lbs. of buoyancy
  • The oral inflation tube can be used by wearer to provide additional buoyancy up to 26.5 lbs.
  • Secure Pull – clips to life jacket; allows for quick release when pulled for inflation
  • Low profile design does not inhibit movement

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