Kryptonite Keeper Chain Combo Bicycle Lock

Well, we went almost 6 years traveling full-time before we had our first theft.

Someone broke into our Clam Shelter and stole one of our Dolphin eBikes.

OUCH!!!!!   A $1,400 loss…. so…..

We now lock our eBikes ALL THE TIME with these heavy duty locks along with this bike alarm/tail light.



  • 4-digit resettable combination over 10, 000 codes
  • 7mm four-sided chain links made from Kryptonite’s high performing 3T manganese steel.
  • End link design secures directly to hardened deadbolt.
  • Hardened steel lockhead.
  • Weather-resistant nylon sleeve prevents scratches to painted finishes; compact coiling for easy carrying.
  • Positive dial rotation with indexing design.
  • Length: 35.4″ (90cm)
  • Weight: 3.75 lbs (1.70 kg’s)

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