Knife, Fork and Spoon Set – Lightweight Stainless Steel

These utensils remind us every day that we are exactly where we want to be: camping.

Fantastic quality, yet lightweight and the standard size of regular household utensils.

When we set out on the road, we took as much of our camping kitchen gear with us as possible because not only is it more durable than the usual household items, this equipment holds our memories. For us, LIB is for life. And, someday, when we can no longer maintain this life on the road, we will take these lightweight utensils with us (no matter where) as a reminder that (no matter what) we are campers.

It comes with a pouch, but we don’t use it.




  • Durable, lightweight stainless steel 3 piece cutlery set (spoon, fork & knife). Great for traveling.
  • Dimensions: Fork 7.5″, Spoon 7.5″, Knife 8″ Just like yours at home.
  • Perfect for office, car, boat, camping, scouts, caravan, holidaying or carrying in your bag or backpack.
  • Cutlery kept clean and compactly stored in stylish, washable case.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – Each Rockland Guard Traveling Cutlery Set is backed by true quality assurance and a money back guarantee.

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